Learn photography in Dubai

Basic - Fundamentals of photography
90 mins session - Aed 850/- paid in advance.
If you’re very new and you don’t know to shoot on manual mode on a dslr this session is just for you. Camera will be provided and loaned out to you for a week to practice.
1. ISO
2. Shutter speed
3. Aperture
4. Exposure
5. Manual mode
6. Shooting formats
7. Cropping ratio

Advance - Taking properly exposed pictures will be made easy.
90 mins session. Aed 850/- paid in advance
1. Shutter priority
2. Aperture priority
3. Shooting on Mirrorless system
4. Basic editing colour, highlights and shadows
5. On camera flash light
6. Use of 5 in reflector

Learn about studio strobe light and outdoor light and how to use them correctly.
90 mins session. Aed 850/- paid in advance

a man with a camera and a camera
a man with a camera and a camera


"The workshop was held on the 11th of September, Sunday. It was a fun, educational and interesting workshop that taught me about all the different aspects of taking pictures using a professional DSLR camera. We learned about things like ISO, focal length, aperture, shutter speed, the importance of using proper lighting and flashlights, and much more! The workshop was attended by around 14 children aged 13 to 18, and this made sure that everyone was given an adequate amount of attention and that all of us had our questions answered by Mr. Savio.

He is a very talented photographer and he showed us new perspectives on how to take pictures. He was very easy to understand, and even though I only attended one session with him, it feels like I have improved already. At the end of the session, each student received a certificate for the completion of the short course. I am very thankful to the people that put this workshop together and gave us passionate photographers to learn a few basic but important points about photography.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I would love to come back and learn some more!"

- Chehel D


"Thank you sir. It was an amazing class. I really liked that you addressed all my doubts with patience. I’ll hope to capture some good clicks 😊

- Naina M

Photowalks in Dubai - Savio

Savio is a part of Ignite creative Academy powered by Canon where he teaches photography as well as takes students to photowalks where they have the freedom to make memories and take amazing photos. Savio has taught over 900 students in the past 1 year.