Making money in Dubai as a photographer


2/14/20231 min read

To be honest it will be difficult in the beginning. But beginning for everything is difficult. So don’t lose hope.
The market of freelance photography is super saturated in Dubai, and you will find freelance photographers almost under every stone you turn.
But don’t be negative, there is always an opportunity.

Sadly, now what gets you gigs is not how good you are at your job but how good you are at networking and how good are you at selling your services.
I would recommend first try to sell your services to your friends and family. Your social media is a good place to start putting your work.
Just don’t upload pictures and expect magic to happen. Make sure that you mention who your customer was and try to include a feeling of appreciation towards the person who gave you the gig by thanking him/her for the opportunity and that you had fun working with them.

This will put out your work and at the same time give a fair idea to everyone on your network on how you handle clients (it is somewhat like a testimonial from your own mouth). But don’t sound desperate about it, there is a very fine line, so be careful. You want to position yourself as a person who enjoyed working with him/her and not “I am desperate for your money, please hire me” kind.

Also, i would recommend joining every community where you can display your work. Most of these communities are working hard at getting work for their freelancers, so this is automatic marketing for you.

Facebook groups recommended